Date: 27, November, 2021

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            About Green Tree, Training Agency

M/s Green Tree Building Energy Private Limited (Green Tree), Headquartered in Noida, India founded in 2009. Green Tree Global is one of the country’s most well respected companies in this domain. We have executed over 250 projects in India, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Nepal, South Korea, New Zealand and Vietnam. These projects have varied in terms of type of work, degree of complexity, degree of customization needed, support requirements etc.

Green Tree Global provides various solutions centered around the concept of energy efficiency and design. This includes Green Building Services, Energy Performance Optimisation, Research and Advisory Services, Smart Metering and AI Solutions

Customized solutions are provided which includes elements of System Commissioning, Project Development & Coordination, ESCO Implementation & Performance Contracting (LED & Chiller replacement) and many more.

BEE has awarded Green Tree for conduct of Refresher course workshop for Energy Managers & Energy Auditors.

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